Setting up a Rails website with Ajenti V (Redmine example)

In this tutorial we will set up a Ruby on Rails website with Ajenti V, using Redmine as example.
Prerequisites: Ajenti V (NGINX and Puma packages), Ruby, Gem, Bundler

1. Add gem "puma" to the Gemfile
Image 20

2. Run bundle in the app directory
Image 21

3. Navigate to Ajenti panel, and open Websites section. Click Create button, and expand newly created New Website entry.
Image 13

2. Uncheck Maintenance mode checkbox, set Name to "Redmine", and Path to the path containing Redmine files, for example, "/home/eugeny/redmine-2.3.3/".
Image 22

3. Under Identification page, Create and set a domain entry.
Image 17

4. Under Content page, Create a new content entry of type Ruby Puma. Check Use Bundler and select appropriate Rails environment
Image 16
Image 23

5. Click Apply changes

6. Done! Now navigate to http://domain/ to use your website.

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