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connected users for samba like webmin

klaus schmidt 7 years ago updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 7 years ago 0
A view for the currently connected samba users with disconnect option like the webmin interface is what I need. That would be very useful.



Create a plugin for ufw firewall

Diogo Soares 5 years ago 0
It would be interesting a plugin to configure the firewall ufw

New website custom defaults

Ramiro J. Gómez Massetti 6 years ago updated by Cat121 3 years ago 11
Hi, it will be nice to have an option to set custom defaults when we create a new website in Ajenti V.
Cases of use:
1- We have a particular directory structure: /home/www/websitename/public_html but when we create a new website the default root is /srv/new-website and we have to change the root directory manually to fit our structure. The ideal situation is to be able to configure a default directory using wildcards replacement. Example: /home/www/%websitename%/public_html
2- Another example is the custom nginx config. We have an nginx conf file that applyes a generic config in terms of static files caching, security rules, etc., this file is located in /etc/nginx.templates.d/genericrules.conf and in every new website created we include that file writing: 
include /etc/nginx.templates.d/generic_vhost.conf;
in custom conf in advance tab.
It would be great to be able to configure a default value.
3- It would be interesting also to configure the possibility that when you create a new site, also create a php pool with certain parameters.

Thx for all !

Mobile app for on the go administration

Jeremy Henry 4 years ago updated by Alex Mârzan 4 years ago 2
I am looking to develope a mobile app for the ajenti dashboard so i can
administrate my server on the go. Would love to here every ones thoughts
and ideas.. about this getting done.

Allow renaming root account

Thibaut 5 years ago 0

I know it's possible to disallow root login by setting an empty password but I think it could be a good security precaution to allow renaming the root account. It's just like other systems, everybody knows that attackers first target "root", "admin" or "administrator" accounts.

Any Webmail on Ajenti ?!

Jenz Kudo 6 years ago updated by Frank Waive 6 years ago 2
is there any Webmail on Ajenti as RoundCube for USERS if we are hoster  ?

FirewallD Support for CentOS 7

Ross Edmonds 6 years ago 0
By default CentOS 7 uses FirewallD rather than IP Tables as it has in the past.  It does not appear that Ajenti recognizes that fact and it is going to be supported in the future?

Excellent Product.

Please create a plugin that adds support for svn server!

happyhardik 6 years ago updated by 1Conan 5 years ago 1
There does not seem to be a way to install svn and manage users and repositories from ajenti.

Support Ajenti behind a reverse proxy

Barry Allard 8 years ago updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 7 years ago 11
Instead of


Ajenti should be installable (or at least work with) another url


Complete in 1.x: 

I've prefixed all Ajenti URLs with "/ajenti:". See the instructions for nginx here: http://docs.ajenti.org/man/reverse-proxy.html


Write a WHMCS module

HugoFR 6 years ago updated by Noah Dolph 6 years ago 2
Hi !

Your panel look pretty good !
And next generation of customer like "web 2.0" style, like yours.

I think a WHMCS module should be a good investment for develop your activity !
Many hoster were so able to provide hosting plan with Ajenti panel !

Best regards,