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Update NGINX config for Ajenti V

József Király 5 years ago updated by Thiago Mendes Borges 5 years ago 1
Ajenti V currently uses a not so accepted NGINX configuration (regarding the main config files).

My suggestion is to use the standard definition:
- fastcgi.conf and fastcgi_params in /etc/nginx instead of fcgi.conf
- Use original NGINX configuration wherever possible
- Use original configurations for all included elements (php5, fcgi, mysql)
- Use original php5-fpm socket

need pptp/l2tp Plug-in, can add and delete vpn account online

Motou Xiao 5 years ago 0
need pptp/l2tp Plug-in, can add and delete vpn account online

Basic Firewall Implementation

Zack Ervin 6 years ago updated by Bahadır Doğru 3 years ago 2
I like the fact that Ajenti allows direct access to each of the chains for interfacing with iptables. I think it would be helpful, from a security perspective, and end-user perspective to include an extra button that installs a basic firewall. The security world would definitely give a nod to guiding users to a more secure setup by default. The ideal fow would look something like.

1. User installs Ajenti and logs into the web ui for the first time.
2. Welcome to Ajenti page, would you like to install a basic firewall to protect your new system?
3. No, continue to UI.
4. Yes, ok which ports would you like to leave open? Checkboxes, SSH and Ajenti checked by default, rest parsed from /etc/services.

You could also offer a "Starter Firewall" option on the firewall page itself.

ZFS Support

gks 7 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 3

do you have any plan to support zfs for linux with ajenti. 

by the way: great tool!


Looking for Official Road Map For Ajenti Project

Software Plant 7 years ago updated by happyhardik 6 years ago 4

Generally open source projects have road map and it's timeline releases, but it is not must. If it is there it will help for new users and built trust.


That would be indeed great, if I weren't Ajenti's only current developer.


Mobile Web Support

Jake Edwards 6 years ago updated by 1Conan 5 years ago 1
Browsing the interface over mobile is a little difficult because the viewport zoom is locked (Nexus 5).

It'd be cool if there was a mobile web interface, whether it just be responsive CSS to make it a little easier when on the move.

Please provide an online demo

eriklauritsen 2 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2

It would be really nice with an online demo.


Upload Multiple Files using File Manager

Shawn Grav 6 years ago 0
Be able to upload multiple files at once into the File Manager.

How to use Fail2ban with Ajenti ?

an solas 6 years ago updated by Salam Ghoussaini 4 years ago 5
How to use Fail2ban with Ajenti , please?
Is there somewhere an example?