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htaccess compatibility with nginx like in litespeed

Kuba Niesłuchowski 6 years ago updated by 1Conan 5 years ago 1
Could you add htaccess compatibility with nginx, like is in litespeed premium version?

Banana Roller

Gayatri Rubtech 10 months ago 0

We are engaged in offering a distinct collection of Banana Roller. It is used in textile processing machines, plastic converting machines, paper industries, in manufacturing, processing, printing, laminating, coating, batching, winding and re-winding.


  • for lamination machine
  • weav sack machine
  • extruder machine
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    You're Control Panel ALWAYS disconnects!!!

    osman103 3 years ago updated by Roman Forkosh 3 years ago 1


    tiger 3 years ago 0

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    Резервное копирование

    Иван Шушкин 6 years ago 0
    Было бы не плохо добавить виджет для резервного копирования системы на съемный носитель USB

    reset password

    Renesh Singh 7 years ago updated by Runya 4 years ago 1
    How to reset the username and or password after ajenti installation latter time and is there any way to add email for password recovery? pls help


    You can change your password by editing /etc/ajenti/ajenti.conf (of course you still need root access)