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sorry i just read this, yeah i mean how to change default 503 page (Maintenance Mode)
is there someone have a solution for this?
i really need this,
thanks for reply, im already try that command in putty and return 200 OK

but still, when try login to roundcube its failed. still using old password

its fine if i change password directly from ajenti and click 'Apply Changes' button.
any suggestion ?
if i succes to parse/change password using php, how can i apply changes ?
im try edit manually, but failed login with new password.
@Jaxb i see it that file,
im edit password manually, but failed when try to login with new password.
im not good in programming but i will try make simple php program.
@Edgars Strods what drives use for roundube password plugins?
do i need change
postmaster@<domain> ?