Ajenti-V-Mail Password overwriting issue

José Reinaldo Montoya 8 years ago updated by janxb 7 years ago 9
Hi Eugene!

I've a problem configurating some email accounts on Ajenti-V-Mail, initially i can do all without problems, but, i've installed courierpassd to get my users the ability of change their passwords from the webmail client (I'm using Webmail Lite). The users changes their pwd without problem, but..... When i try to create new mailboxes from Ajenti, it resets all passwords of all accounts to default.
I have the same issue. I use roundcube, and if user resets password it becomes the one I have set in Ajenti-V panel after some time. Have not discovered what exactly triggers that but it could be as José describes above. This is the only thing I do not like about Ajenti, because people are asking about where they can set the password by themselves.
@Edgars Strods what drives use for roundube password plugins?
If you have some experience in server administration and programming, you could try to update the config file from ajenti-v.
It is located in the /etc/ajenti/ directory and is in JSON-format. You could try to parse/change it using for example php or python.
if i succes to parse/change password using php, how can i apply changes ?
im try edit manually, but failed login with new password.
Please look at my answer below :)
@Jaxb i see it that file,
im edit password manually, but failed when try to login with new password.
im not good in programming but i will try make simple php program.
Please have a look at this wiki article: http://support.ajenti.org/topic/431196-managing-ajenti-v-from-command-line/
You have to reload the ajenti-v config by using the command ajenti-ipc v apply
thanks for reply, im already try that command in putty and return 200 OK

but still, when try login to roundcube its failed. still using old password

its fine if i change password directly from ajenti and click 'Apply Changes' button.
any suggestion ?
I don't know a solution for your problem right now.. You should double-check that you have edited the correct place for the password, maybe the same password is used at different places in the config file?

I will try the solution if i am back home today evening and write you an answer later.