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ive come to the conclusion that the dev no longer cares about this project which is a shame. Updates are regular and he just came out with this new 2.0 version so at least development is regular but support is a joke. ive been using ajenti since like 2012ish and when i first installed support was always just a few keystrokes away. now he hasnt been replying to serious issues for months. ive watched this product get worse and worse when it comes to support. I sold off my hosting company in 2014 but if i still had it i would NOT still be using Ajenti. I still run it on my own small server for personal use and it works well enough but again when stuff breaks its completely hopeless becasue no one is ever around to help.

and pleas if you do this, make it better than the mysql section... the mysql section is completely worthless, no offence but you can not do anything the mysql section is designed to let you do. note my post on that topic exactly:

Localhost and roundcube has no issue. its every other imap client. they connect then disconnect which usually returns an "authentication failed" error but authentication hasnt even started

join the club. I've been waiting for the dev to acknowledge a problem for over a year now. My post also includes "me too"s and tumbleweeds. The lack of support on this panel is sad to me because I'm really in love with the panel. As a developer myself, I understand there will be bugs and heck most of the time I don't even mind working them out. I'd be happy to deal with the issue if support would assist with the problem. But alas.... Crickets...

I think the developer fell off the map. Nothing from him in months... It's like he gave up. Hundreds of support tickets ignored and left unanswered, suggestions turning into tumbleweeds. It's quite a shame honestly.

and alas another year goes by worth no assistance. Love the panel. Support is awfulawful...

positive. Nothing else was updated at this time. I roll out updates incrementally over several days for that reason. Nothing changed other than updating ajenti, rolling the vps back revealed my permissions issue and I was able to resolve the problem after updating. also this mail issue has inexplicably vanished, there were no errors or logs of anyone even trying to log in against the accounts in logs then for no apparent reason they all started working, services weren't restarted, configs didn't change I simply went to sleep for the night and when I went to work on it the next morning it was just all working, again nothing in any logs that might be indicative of any changes occurring. I can't explain either bug .

please? can anyone help out here? i have a business to run, a buisness i trusted to ajenti. Id at least appreciate a response of some kind acknowledging a problem!

Same issue here. tried smtp clients, tried the webmail i offer (Roundcube) everythign returns Authentication failure. worth noting this isnt the only thing the last update screwed up the web server as well. changed all permissions in /srv to 000 i had to 755 the whole directory before i stopped getting 403 errors, now this i have no idea how to combat, please assist.

will do. thank you for your help on the issue, its very frustrating when you post and no one replies so it is nice to have someone reply!