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Ahh, I was going based off of the link via their main website on

Do you know if their main script pulls from the master branch?

Unfortunatly it seems to be dead, which is sad. This was by far the best one I've ever used for years, but seeing how the last commit was last year, I'm sure there are many vunerabilities that has not been patched. Timed to go searching for a new one... :/

No, this is a single server, with multiple ajenti users.

i swear the next person to not read the comments. The issue isn't with installing it, it installs fine, but only root has access to ajenti v's settings.

Yes, but still the issue still stands that only the root user has access to it.

The mail app is just as easy to install, but at the same time still only is viewable by root.

Has there been any update if antivirus and antispam have been implimented into Ajenti?

I'm bumping this as well, as the issue seems to be that other accounts do not have access to the website section. Only Root is allowed access, and i would like to leave root as disabled.

Sorry added to wrong section!
I'm still getting the Redirect loop once I login. That wouldn't by any causes of Ajenti v would it? 

- just checking my bases.