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Thanks for the reply.  I did restart, and I don't have LDAP/AD sync. hmm, I might have had OS sync enabled.

I fixed it by copying an unmodified config file from another server.
Same problem here.  The faq (correct link is doesn't work.

I'm using version according to the below.

root:~# /usr/bin/ajenti-panel -v
02.06.2014 11:46 ajenti-panel:105 INFO Using config file /etc/ajenti/config.json
02.06.2014 11:46 ajenti-panel:129 INFO Ajenti starting in foreground
02.06.2014 11:46 INFO registered crypt handler 'sha512_crypt': <class 'passlib.handlers.sha2_crypt.sha512_crypt'>
02.06.2014 11:46 DEBUG Popen: git describe --tags 2> /dev/null
02.06.2014 11:46 DEBUG Popen: ['lsb_release', '-sd']
02.06.2014 11:46 INFO Ajenti running on platform: debian