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Manual/SSH password reset

Zach Lym 10 years ago updated by claudemacho 6 years ago 10

The instructions on this page did not work for me.

1) sudo nano /etc/ajenti/config.json


"users": {

"root": {

"configs": {

"ajenti.plugins.notepad.notepad.Notepad": "{\"bookmarks\": []}",

"ajenti.plugins.fm.fm.FileManager": "{\"root\": \"/\"}",

"ajenti.plugins.terminal.main.Terminals": "{\"shell\": \"sh -c $SHELL || sh\"}",

"ajenti.plugins.dashboard.dash.Dash": "{\"widgets\": [{\"index\": 0, \"config\": null, \"container\": \"0\", \"class\": \"ajenti.plugins.dashboard.welcome.WelcomeWidget\"}]}"


"password": "password",

"permissions": []


"indolering": {

"configs": {},

"password": "password",

"permissions": []



"bind": {

"host": "",

"port": 8000


"authentication": true,

"ssl": {

"enable": true,

"certificate_path": "/etc/ajenti/ajenti.pem"


"enable_feedback": true,

"installation_id": 6217


2) sudo service ajenti restart

Both operations completed successfully.

Yes, that's exactly what I did.  I tried it for my "indolering" user first.  When that failed to produce results, I changed it for root as well.

But which user did you login as after that?

Same problem here.  The faq (correct link is http://docs.ajenti.org/en/latest/man/faq.html#i-fo... doesn't work.

I'm using version according to the below.

root:~# /usr/bin/ajenti-panel -v
02.06.2014 11:46 ajenti-panel:105 INFO Using config file /etc/ajenti/config.json
02.06.2014 11:46 ajenti-panel:129 INFO Ajenti starting in foreground
02.06.2014 11:46 registry.py:247 INFO registered crypt handler 'sha512_crypt': <class 'passlib.handlers.sha2_crypt.sha512_crypt'>
02.06.2014 11:46 compat.py:20 DEBUG Popen: git describe --tags 2> /dev/null
02.06.2014 11:46 compat.py:20 DEBUG Popen: ['lsb_release', '-sd']
02.06.2014 11:46 core.py:60 INFO Ajenti running on platform: debian

It might not work if a) you didn't restart Ajenti b) you have password sync (OS/LDAP/AD) enabled
Thanks for the reply.  I did restart, and I don't have LDAP/AD sync. hmm, I might have had OS sync enabled.

I fixed it by copying an unmodified config file from another server.
If you had OS sync, you could just use passwd to change password of respective user. Another (insecure) option is to disable auth temporarily.

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