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Persona is dead now. Rip.

@Wrrr I'd be more than happy to take whatever help I can get with beta testing. After playing around with Ajenti some and going through all the docs, I've decided that I'm go to develop and test the plugin against 2.x and maybe port back to 1.x once I know it's working.

What version have you been using for your set-up? If you have any basic requirements for a Jailkit implementation (in-browser kit config, integrated file explorer, etc.) I'd be happy to try and work on them.

I've been looking at this for a while now in consideration of transitioning my current hosting cluster over to Ajenti V.

I would be willing to develop a plugin for this, assuming the community has enough interest for it. It can be achieved fairly easily with jailkit and I'm honestly surprised it hasn't been implemented into Ajenti yet.

The dev team should take note though: this is a necessary feature. When hosting webspace, your more advanced clients will need to be able to work in the terminal, especially when working with Laravel projects and other currently unsupported frameworks. As the sysadmin, you'll find you don't have time to go in and run a bunch of symlink and templating scripts to fit each use case. It's easy to let the user to it themselves.