Ajenti V mail settings regenerate form CLI/terminal

Edgars Strods 7 years ago updated by Mario 7 years ago 2
Is there a command I can call from terminal / cli for ajenti to regenerate the mail settings form config file (/etc/ajenti/mail.json)? I would like to allow users to change their mail password. So I could make changes in this config file from another interface and then call ajenti to regenerate all settings from it, so they are active immediately. Is this possible?
If you are using ajenti-v, you could try if it is sufficient to edit the config and let ajenti apply it.
For more information about controlling ajenti-v via command line, please have a look here.
I think the command ajenti-ipc v apply should be enough, because you will have edited the config in before..
@Edgars Strods, did you achieved to enable users to change their passwords ?