"Websites" section missing - Answer provided for documentation

Worp 9 ár síðan updated by Ivan Nikolaev 8 ár síðan 3
Wow, what an amazing project! I hope we can get it to work on my setup =)

Here is a little detail that I feel was overlooked in the docs:

I ran through the very basic installation on Ubuntu 14.04. using these articles:
http://support.ajenti.org/topic/349868-installing-on-ubuntu/ (method #2)
and set up V with this article:

But the "Websites" tab was missing.

The problem was that, obviously but somehow forgotten, I need to grant my user permissions for the new sections.

So go to your "configure" tab, click on your user and check the new fields there. Then you can see the tab.

For others who overlooked that like me, this should be helpful.
that's something obvious,and every body knows it well, but thanks for your tutorial
any way ,please dont post your tutorial or tips in ideas category,

sorry for my bad english ,Be Well

Amirhossein Nobandegani, just wondering if it can't be found there? Is there something else that will work.?