How do I set up custom nameservers?

onlineth 9 years ago updated by Mendim Idrizi 8 years ago 2
I would like to setup my own custom nameservers but I don't now how to. So far I have both my host names on my domain's registrar set to the correct ip but what do I do on the server end?
use bind plugin,
i explain on centos 7
first step: install bind
yum install bind
yum install bind9
then configure your nameservers from custom name server section in ajenti
restart ajenti
in the software section , will add new item named, bind9
click on it, and configure it like this

this is sample bind configure for my domain,
my main domain is lexyco.net
and my host name is ms.lexyco.net
and my name servers is ns.lexyco.net & ns1.lexyco.net & ns2.lexyco.net
i have one main ip

i hope you get it ,
sorry for my bad english, be happy

$TTL 604800
@ IN SOA ns.lexyco.net. ms.lexyco.net. (
1 ; Serial
604800 ; Refresh
86400 ; Retry
2419200 ; Expire
604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL
; name servers - NS records
IN NS ns.lexyco.net.
IN NS ns1.lexyco.net.
IN NS ns2.lexyco.net.
s1 IN NS ns28.serverpars.com.
s1 IN NS ns29.serverpars.com.

; name servers - A records
ns IN A
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A

; main - A records
@ IN A
lexyco.net. IN A
* IN A
mx IN A
imap IN A
smtp IN A

; subdomain - A records
pma IN A

; cname records
www IN CNAME lexyco.net.

lexyco.net IN AAAA ::1

Hi .i configured all the steps as u told on this tutorial.but no sucess.