Mobile app for on the go administration

Jeremy Henry 9 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Alex Mârzan 8 jaar geleden 2
I am looking to develope a mobile app for the ajenti dashboard so i can
administrate my server on the go. Would love to here every ones thoughts
and ideas.. about this getting done.

I could use direction on where to find some key directories and files...

also where the main ajenti site is installed would be a good thing.

Being I am on Debian headless I find the gui interface to be a

refreshing ease of my daily tasks. I would like to be able to create a mobile app that really takes advantage of the gui for easy on the go administration.

Things I could use some help with. to get started!!!!!!

1. Main install dir of the ajenti admin panel back-end web site.

2. Where to find all error pages for all sites, including created sites

3. information pertaining to the ajenti admin site about about outbound website links.

is there any? how many? why are they needed?

4. Any info I can get about features that could be added in if there is a way to access through the website interface....

When I can get any or all of these bits of information on Ajenti I may be able to get working on it to where I can produce results much sooner..... Thanks

Any and all help is greatly and much appreciated.


i would definitely buy such an app!