Cannot elevate my user

Philip Goldwasser 1 år siden opdateret af Phillip Kirk 12 måneder siden 3

I have installed Ajenti with no issue.  I can log in but when I click to elevate the login, it brings up a login prompt and then just goes right back to the main Ajenti screen.  It will not allow me to elevate.

I've had the same issue today after I first installed Ajenti 2 on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS.

This is the work-around I found for elevating:

  1. Open two instances of the login page. 
  2. Login to one of those pages first before the next step.
  3. On the second login page, replace the word "normal" in the URL with "sudo" then enter your password there and submit.

I don't understand why it's redirecting automatically without waiting for user input for elevating, but I hope this helps.

I tried this and on the second page, where I replaced the word Normal with Sudo, I got a password prompt.  I was able to enter the password, but I was not able to click the authenticate button.  So this did not work.

I was able to get my session elevated using the following steps. User Procale seems to have left out just a couple details, however I wouldn't have figured out this workaround without their help:

Follow these steps exactly (The following instructions assume the IP address of your server is "", you are running Ajenti on the default port 8000, and the username with sudo privileges is "someuser")

  1. Navigate to (replace "someuser" with the username specific to your system) DO NOT CLICK AUTHENTICATE YET
  2. Open a new tab/window in the same browser and navigate to the main login page (i.e
  3. Enter your username and password, then click "Login"
  4. Go back to the other tab/window from Step 1, then click Authenticate
  5. Close the tab/window from Step 2 and continue working from the tab/window from Step 1.

I was able to verify that by following the above steps, privilege elevation is successful. Please note that this is only a workaround and is very annoying to say the least. I'll send this to developers in hopes they can re-work the release in order to eliminate the need for this workaround.

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