How Can I Uninstall Ajenti - Centos 7

bgencacat 8 years ago updated by Bradley Dalina 6 years ago 2

yum remove ajenti:

[root@staticxx-xxx-xx-xxx ~]# yum remove ajenti

Yüklü eklentiler: fastestmirror
No Match for argument: ajenti

But still running at my 8000 port. How can I uninstall?

I have this problem on centos 6.8 please help us.


Centos 7

"yum remove ajenti"  does not work,

"pip uninstall ajenti"  does not work,

"pip uninstall ajenti-panel"  this works for me

in one single line uninstall all its package and plugins


pip uninstall ajenti-panel ajenti.plugin.dashboard ajenti.plugin.settings ajenti.plugin.plugins ajenti.plugin.notepad ajenti.plugin.terminal ajenti.plugin.filemanager ajenti.plugin.packages ajenti.plugin.services