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is there somewhere i can go for paid support i need this sorted ASAP, as it seems other systems are also having problems IE mail and i would like to get into ajenti to figure out whats happening there! i would be perfectly fine doing the support myself but i cannot seem to find anything that could be causing the issue, if someone could just point me in the right direction please?
have you added a PHP FastCGI entry? by default you cannot run php without this (im sure its a security measure)
just run

chmod -R 664 ./tourism-cy_com

and run the same thing on any other folder you need that permission set.
you could try ajenti V the builtin mail server is very easy to workwith. theres a few packages youd need for ajenti V, but my clients lovelove it, everything is very straightforward to set up, maybe youd find it more you your liking as well.