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somewhat. at least now i can get to the firewall tab without error, however i still cannot dump those lines from the configuration. this is absolutely the most frustrating issue ive had. everything else on the panel is phenominal, and this was just fine until whatever happened.

ive used a ton of panels as well, i cant stand cpanel, bu ti have extensive experience with zpanel and ispconfig, i always set up a firewll with fail2ban behind them because its a useful tool for fining out where abuse is occurring and thwarting minor attacks, ive never had an issue quite like this. the firewall itself works just fine as long as i dont access it in the panel. now if this was my physical datacenter id just use a minimal firewall config and use a pfsense box in front of the server(s) to thwart off major attacks and abuse. i unfortunately do not have that option sinc eim running vps at a datacenter i have no control over.

ill try removing firewall as well and then reinstall ufw and iptables and fail2ban and see if that fixes the issue
And there was nothing wrong with fail2ban either. the configs had everything completely shut off. everything disabled, and now its completely gone off the system yet i still have this issue. and this setup worked flawlessly for months until the last update happened. UFW & iptables were updated in the ubuntu repos and everything has been screwed up since then.
what choice did i have? i couldnt do anything! no web traffic, no mail traffic no ftp traffic. the onlly way i could get ssh was to have someone at the vps datacenter locally access the vps open the port and change permissions the file so ajenti couldnt muck it up again. even the terminal in the ajenti panel wouldnt work. i finally managed to get most everything working but the mail system wouldn't send nor receive mail until i purged fail2ban off the system. i have clients who need the mail service daily and i was almost 3 days with no mail. i had no choice but to purge it manually and why shouldn't i be able to manually manage my server? the whole focus of ajenti is supposed to be an assistance tool not a takeover. it specifically says "Doesnt Screw Up Your System. Ajenti won't damage your existing configuration or tell you how to do your job. Preserves config structure and comments." except this is obviously, not the case.
Its ok. if english is not your first language then you are doing very well. i wouldnt have known.

I did what you said though. all fail2ban services have been turned off. i actually removed the services completely. purged fail2ban from the system still no change. if i click continue, then click load current state i can work in it without error. saving changes causes a crash again and if i click load current state then all works properly until i need to make another change. the 2 lines for fail2ban exim4 and courier will not remove from the config. i delete them, save changes restart ufw, the 2 lines are injected back in again. i tried write protecting the config file, but that made ufw unable to start.
yes please! Vagrant boxes would be neat too
ok honestly, has support for ajenti just up and died? nothing gets replied to anymore, no help on anything, every problem i've had lately i've had to figure out by futzing with things, rather than getting actual support from anyone. this may be even more frustrating that the actual bugs! what gives!?
Found it. it actually was UFW. somehow the accept rule for port 80 was set to a port range starting at 80 and the rule was incomplete. didnt find this until i restarted UFW from terminal. you guys really neeeeedddddd a message box to pop up in the GUI when a command line error is returned from a GUI function.
ok i disabled assorted services that i thought could be the problem and have therefore somewhat ruled out:


Now the odd part is that if i kill the Nginx process, the error message doesnt change. at all. its as if Nginx isnt even running. i dont understand this