Yum: Package does not match intended download

yum clean metadata

Yum: Package still does not match intended download

Disable your caching proxy server and clean metadata again.

Connection reset when opening the panel

You're using https:// with SSL disabled, or http:// with SSL enabled. SSL is enabled by default.

No connection when opening the panel

Check the service status ( service ajenti status on most systems). If it's not running try starting it (usually service ajenti start).

Service is running, still no connection.

Then it's a network problem. Check your firewall first. If you're on CentOS/RHEL and don't know what a firewall is, then you have it enabled (by default in new installations).

EL 6 and other Linux distros with iptables

Run this:
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 8000 -j ACCEPT
This will allow port access until the next reboot. To add it permanently, paste that line into /etc/sysconfig/iptables file.


firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=8000/tcp
firewall-cmd --reload

Service fails to start

Run service ajenti stop; ajenti-panel -v in your terminal and watch the output for any suspicious messages. If the service crashes, you can post the generated bug report to our Github.

Could not bind to (u'', 8000)

Port is taken by some other process. Check with netstat -tlnp | grep 8000

Could not bind to (some-ip-address, 8000)

Most probably this IP address isn't local to your system - change it to in /etc/ajenti/config.json

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