ajenti-v mail setup possible issue

Harley Frank 8 years ago updated by Jeremy Henry 8 years ago 1
I followed this Digital Ocean series (not to the letter, but almost to it) Using the Ajenti Control Panel with Ajenti V.

*I am using mydomain.com as an example*
*Everything seems to work ok I think*

I don't know why I should have the hostname panel.mydomain.com because I already named it mydomain.com.

However, I go through the process and set it up with just mydomain.com. I have everything set right but when I login to the mail server like on my phone it just uses mydomain.com instead of mail.mydomain.com. Is that how it is supposed to be or just leave it alone?

*Possible question and answer: it automatically uses ssl, does ajenti automatically generate a certificate? If so is that safe? I have an ssl already how do I add it?*

Here is what my zone file looks like:

$ORIGIN mydomain.com.
$TTL 1800
mydomain.com. IN SOA ns1.digitalocean.com. hostmaster.mydomain.com. 1440173778 10800 3600 604800 1800
mydomain.com. 1800 IN NS ns1.digitalocean.com.
mydomain.com. 1800 IN NS ns2.digitalocean.com.
mydomain.com. 1800 IN NS ns3.digitalocean.com.
mydomain.com. 1800 IN A
mydomain.com. 1800 IN MX 0 mydomain.com.
mail.mydomain.com.mydomain.com. 1800 IN A
mydomain.com. 1800 IN MX 0 mail.mydomain.com.
mydomain.com. 1800 IN TXT v=spf1 a ip4: ~all

*Unrelated question, but I want to know of a better webmail client that is free and has a calendar and more features than RainLoop.*

I integrated spamassassin into my server and ajenti using advanced configuration from this post. If it marks it as spam, will it go to the spam folder inside the user's email spam folder or is it different? I am only asking because I never dealt with spamassassin before.

Ajenti works great, its awesome. A lot better at managing a web server than some of the other web software like Webmin (it has a lot of security holes). I am very happy with ajenti and I hope it continues to be awesome.

as for the first bit, I say good questions! As for a alternative that is free - try webmin but must worn you it is kinda of bulky and feature rich if your looking for simplicity I suggest staying here or creating your own... the first would be best.... lol....