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0777 on /var/www

Mario Kostelac 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 2
I've made a fresh install today (Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 14.04) (ajenti + ajentiv, all by your tutorial).
After creating a site and calling fix permissions action I noticed that /var/www is owned by root and permissions are 0777. I can't tell what was happened before I create a site or between creating a site and fixing permissions, but it seems like a huge issue.
Can anybody confirm that I am true?
If it is needed, I can try to reproduce.
Under review
I'm not sure how did you get 0777, but the only operations in Ajenti that change website root permissions (not even /var/www!) are Create root / Fix permissions (chowns to www-data) and Automatic downloader (chmods to 755/644).
I'll try to reproduce it next week. If won't succeed, we can mark it as a false alarm :).