Return Command Line Feedback to GUI Interactions

JL Griffin 9 lat temu zaktualizowano 9 lat temu 2
One of the few things that really Irks me with this panel is that it doesnt return command line feedback (if any) when you use the gui to do something.

there are many reasons this could be useful, for example, you add in a new apache virtual host and mistype something that isnt serious enough to stop Apache from starting (like missing an close tag which would produce a CLI warning and the 2 effected virtual hosts [the new one and the one below it] would be ignored). reload or restart would show successful in the gui, but reload/restart in CLI would return a warning which you could then use to understand why things arent working. this is also problematic when trying to hunt a system problem down.

Note This Topic for example. pages refused to load and i assumed it was nginx. so i checked configs reload restart nothing. i went process by process, Firewall, Squid3, Fail2Ban, all of the processes stopped and started successfully. so i then went to the terminal to check stuff out because i obviously was have a problem that the panel wasnt detecting somewhere and for grins i started restarting processes from cli vs gui and found that a Warning was being produced by UFW that the accept rule for port 80 was a port range with no end and was therefore being ignored. this did not stop UFW from starting, but it did stop all my web traffic, and produced a warning that should have been presented in the gui.

additionally, in the mysql section (Boy oh boy is this section a nightmare on a stick) when adding schemas or users or doing the 1 or 2 things that really dont work anyways in this section, errors can be produced by the mysql console that are never shown to me and im required to log in from cli to perform the function properly (which i have to do anyhow because the MYSQL gui is a trainwreck) See This Post for more detail.

There are countless other scenarios in which this would be helpful.

Is this possible? can we do this?

Also please dont take this as an attack on the panel, its a minor annoyance most of the time and it really is one of the only 3 gripes i have about this panel at all, and its actually one of the 2 small ones.

Thanks in advance

i agree a GUI interface for errors would be a great addition to this still new panel. I hope in time the developers will allow more open editing of the back-end.

I think the developer fell off the map. Nothing from him in months... It's like he gave up. Hundreds of support tickets ignored and left unanswered, suggestions turning into tumbleweeds. It's quite a shame honestly.