Support for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS / Trisquel 6?

Fabian Rodriguez 10 years ago updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 10 years ago 2

Is the latest version of Ajenti compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? Trisquel 6 is based on it, so if this is the case I could also use it with Trisquel.

Yes, it is compatible and works well with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Did you try in Trisquel 6?

In Trisquel 6 I was able to install it but after activating the plugins I kept having error messages: "You need a plugin that provides IHostnameManager interface support for trisquel platform." After restarting Ajenti in the plugins section I see several plugins are disabled (with a yellow exclamation mark) indicating "requires plugin 'services'".