Ajenti Auto Responder Email Message?

Doug Beney vor 8 Jahren aktualisiert von Jeremy Henry vor 8 Jahren 1

I'm not totally sure if this kind of thing is done in Ajenti or another service.

Basically, I would like to set up an automatic message that gets sent out after somebody sends an email to me.

For example, If someone sends an email to support@example.com, they would immediately recieve an email back that would say something like "Thanks for contacting us! We'll respond within 24 hours".

I'm loving Ajenti! It has saved me countless hours and frustration.

I two agree some type of message reply area would be great! I think for the time being you can set up a running mail client on a machine that is connected to email account and set up a template email or draft set a custom filter that when a email sent to support@example is recieved it will reply with a template of your choosing. Hope this helps......