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503 Service Unavailable

Alwin Pietersen 10 years ago updated by sumair ali 5 years ago 10

I've added a website in the configurationpanel of ajenti.
If I visit the website domain i've entered in the config panel, I get a 503 error: The requested website is currently under maintenance.
However, I turned off the maintenance mode in the ajenti control panel for that website.

What should I doe tho solve this problem?
Under review
Check the status of self-tests visible on main Websites page
I have the same problem.

503 site under maintenance, but the maintenance mode is OFF.

Websites, refresh configurations = shows all are working.

I rebooted the VPS server, error still there.
Do you have other websites that might be responding with 503 at this address? Also, check the generated .conf for your website in /etc/nginx/conf.d
Please upload complete file to Gist or something. Also make sure that all Configuration checks under Websites are ok.
Config checks ok

Uploaded complete file as requested here

Still cannot load a website :(

Please check /etc/nginx/conf.d directory there will be your_website_manage.conf file nano or vi that file and check the server name in that file. Server name should not contain that "example.com".
If "example.com" text is present there then remove that example.com and save your file the run this commands
service ajenti restart
service nginx restart

having same issue , ther is no /nginx folder in etc directory