Minecraft server administration

Lochlan Bunn 10 years ago updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 9 years ago 5

A plugin for administrating Minecraft servers would be a cool thing. No telling how much it would be used, but the addition of a game plugin isn't a bad thing.

i agree, i wouldnt mine havind a minecraft plugin /with widgets that would allow me to start restart and chek players on the server
It's extremely unlikely that I would be spending time making game server plugins for Ajenti anytime soon. I'd rather suggest to team up with game server (Bukkit etc) administrators/developers who know Python to increase the chances of appearance of such plugin
is it possible to make plugins for ajenti myself is there an api of sorts?
Well if you take a look at ajenti.org, there's a link to developer documentation: http://docs.ajenti.org

Our system is highly extensible, with the best-of-class APIs :)
thanks, I'n not an experienced coder. but learning is always possible maybe i can soup up something