Default website for unknown domain

Kristian Ellebæk Frandsen 9 years ago updated by Pierre Knudsen 9 years ago 1

I want to have a default "site" for domains pointing to my webserver that aren't created in Ajenti (lets call it unknown domains - because that is what is actually are - an unknown domain for Ajenti).

Currently it just hooks up with my last added website in Ajenti, and that is not good.

How is that possible?

I have read this thread http://support.ajenti.org/topic/734137-website-by-default-for-the-server-ip-adress/ but this only works when you input my IP-address directly in the browser. I want to do the same for unknown domains in Ajenti.

Thanks in advance!
If u go to "Ports" and then make a hook under "Default" for the host runing on Port 80, your problem should be solved :)

BTW: if this shouldn't work, try to go to your Nameserver DNS settings and create an "A" record like: *.yourdomain.net what points to your main IP.
The "*" says, that non existing sub domains, will redirect to the IP, in the record.