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How to give external access to a mysql database in ajenti v?

happyhardik 10 ár síðan updated by Daniel Marklund 10 ár síðan 4
I want to add "%" that is access from any where to a mysql database user. So, I can remotely connect to my mysql database. Is it possible to do that with ajenti v?
I am talking about the user that was being created with the website. If I create a new user, that has access from any host, from MySQL manager, I am not able to grant him access to that database. And I can see the created database user, but cannot edit it.
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It's not possible to do right away, but here's a solution: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1913984/re-assign-host-access-permission-to-mysql-user
ya, I managed to use that already. Adding this as a feature in the control panel would help :)
Any news on this issue? I tried doing the same as Happyhardik but can't seem to get it to work properly.