Create a plugin for bind9

El Boletaire Underave 12 years ago updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 9 years ago 8
I think many people will appreciate a plugin for managing a bind9 DNS server :)

 I definitely agree, I'd love a bind9 plugin. I don't mind using the command line but managing bind9 is so repetitive that a plugin would be really useful.

 Можете сделать хотя-бы плагин для редактирования bind9 конфигов как это сделано для nginx?


I would love to see this happen :)

I also would like such a plugin :)

Gentlemen, I have uploaded a preview Debian version of the BIND9 plugin (0.99.23). It has zone and zonefile editors. Please let me know what other options you would like to see.

Hello, BIND9 plugin seems not work on Centos 6.5
i have try to click BIND9 from the menu, and it only show Reconnecting.
Under review
Fixed in an update to reconfigure package.