How modify sambashares options

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Congrats for your excelent software, I ask you if you plan for the future improve the sambashare options to include things like vetofiles, recyclebin, writelist,valid users,etc

Or this thing can do it now?




Commited. New options will be available in the next feature update


Thanks so much!!!

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There's quite a lot of per-share options, please list exactly which you'd like to see added in the next release.

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I difference 2 group of options in sambashares:

*****The basics***** used frecuently, easier to implement

- public (access for everyone)

- browseable (shows/hide in list of shares)

- guest ok (guest access)

- valid users (users/groups can access)

- write list (users/groups can modify)

- veto files (hide files/directories to samba clients)

- create mask (default umask for files)

- directory mask (default umask for directories)

- force create mode (force umask for files)

- force directory mode (force umask for directories)

****The complex*****VFS module *****very rare, dificult to implement

- vfs objects (audit recycle quota ...)

- options for those:

* recycle:subdir_mode

* recycle:directory_mode

* recicle:repository

* ...


Commited. New options will be available in the next feature update

Hi there,

There should also be an option for <force user> and <force group>
Hi there, I have an issue in adding extra samba config in smb.conf directly.

----------------Example, this is what I am writing in smb.conf-----------------------
vfs objects = recycle
recycle:repository = /some/path
recycle:directory_mode = 0777
recycle:keeptree = Yes
recycle:versions = Yes
recycle:touch = Yes

The above works until I make some modifications in ajenti interface.

All I get after saving on ajenti interface is

vfs objects=recycle
recycle=touch = Yes

which is part of what was configured and also modified in syntax.

It would be nice that this kind of configuration is simply ignored by agenti and left as-is.

how to configure samba on ajenti ?