Create a plugin for PureFTP or ProFTP and for snoopy

Alexander Trost 11 years ago updated by Lars Madson 10 years ago 30

For easy administration of a FTP Server. While you develop this please write it in thought of people use FTP Servers with mysql user backend or the normal unix user backend.


Ajenti V now includes autoconfiguring FTP support, so this probably can be considered complete.

Yeah, ProFTPd would be awesome :)

I would prefer vsftpd since this is a really light system, but any ftp support? especially this is good for NAS too, a nas without FTP and DAV is nothing.


i love pure-ftpd - it's easy and very secure

yes.. proftpd with sftp,ftps,ftp configuration module would rock.

In some Ajenti description (on various websites) I see "FTP managment" but for now there is nothing like that implemented isn't it ?


This is a part of Ajenti V beta at the moment: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UWdkQMDvd1f0jvUGXq55dEg4igPbUmNpCBw0yo3Fnd4/viewform

Ajenti V now includes autoconfiguring FTP support, so this probably can be considered complete.
I'm running the latest version of Ajenti but I don't see any plugins or options for FTP. Where are the FTP settings located?
It's included in Ajenti V Webhosting Kit: http://ajenti.org
But as Eugeny said, it's in closed beta at the moment.
I am running the beta, the only mention I see of FTP is in the website administration. It would be nice to have a seperate place to create and administer FTP only users. I have a few other people I work with and we use  FTP a lot to share information.
You need to install the package, if using ubuntu or debian:

apt-get install ajenti-v-ftp-vsftpd

CentOS or RHEL

yum install ajenti-v-ftp-vsftpd
Is there another package or plugin? I still am not seeing anywhere to manage FTP users.
As long as you have ajemti-v installed it will be under ftp tab in manage section for "websites" 
Will this command install pureftpd or vsftpd? yum install ajenti-v-ftp-vsftpd
I see that pureftpd is now available on twitter? How to get that?
Package name is ajenti-v-ftp-pureftpd
There's also a full package list on KB: http://support.ajenti.org/topic/423530-installing-...
What will happen if I already installed vsftpd package? Shall I remove it and install the new one? 
Although you can keep it, you will have two "FTP" tabs because of that. Also, you can't run two FTP servers at once.
After removing the vsftpd binary and installing pureftpd binary, I see the ftp tab in my website manage section with a username and password, but when I try to login, it says that authentication failed. Filezilla shows to me that it connected to Pure ftpd server. I have opened the port 21 in my firewall. Any help?
Have you re-applied your website configuration after replacing the plugin?
Yes, I clicked Apply Changes, in website management area.
Just to double-check: netstat -tlnp | grep 21
Tcp 0 0* LISTEN 4989/pure-ftpd (SER
tcp 0 0 :::21 :::* LISTEN 4989/pure-ftpd (SER

Works now! after the update and applying the changes again.

After configuring a new site and creating it's new dir under /srv, my ftp client (filezilla) logins correctly but fails with

Error: Connection timed out
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

I'm using ajenti-v-ftp-pureftp on Centos
Can someone explain how can I configure the FTP permissions via the web gui ? Do i have to do it via command ? The reason is this server is all in one and have to control who has access to what. 
Each website receives its own FTP username and password, restricted to the root directory of the website. 
Being able to change the password would be great. I'm using pureftp plugin. Is there a way we can change it where it's stored ? Would be a good start, thank you.