Any domain name give 403

evreke 8 years ago 0

I have installed new vagrant box with ubuntu 14.04, than i installed Ajenti. After that i installed Ajentiv-V using manual on this site. I have created new website (BTW was doing that a lot with ajenti-v before) remove "Maintaince mode" checkbox. Created directory for new website, created domain name, created PHP FastCGI in content tab.

Than i restart websites.

All that actions i made through https on my VM throught ajenti web interface

On my host machine i mde change to redirect mywebsite.dev to proper ip adress where ajenti is, and than i have issue with 403 permission.

So i can't get to any website due the 403 permission.

I have no errors in nginx .log.

I was doing that a lot of times before and i have no issue before. But now i change my host machine from windows to ubuntu, i don't think this is the reason of issue.

Please help.