I'm on Centos 6.2, how can I start Ajenti automatically

Chuck Gregory 11 year бұрын updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 11 year бұрын 4

Currently I have to log on with ssh and "service restart ajenti"

I'm sure there is some simple place to put that command in order to execute it at startup; however, I don't know where it is, and would appreciate advice.


Hi Chuck,

Please run following: 

update-rc.d ajenti defaults

This will symlink Ajenti startup script into appropriate /etc/rcX.d directories.

Let me know if that helps you!

Thanks Eugeny,

It didn't work but it was enough information for me to find the answer with google.

What I actually had to do in Centos was:

service --add ajenti

They have pretty much replaced the whole init.rc system, and the update-rc.d command does not exist.

I tried a reboot after adding via the service command, and ajenti came up automatically.



A correction...

I realized I had typed in the wrong command in my previous response.

It's actually:

chkconfig --add ajenti

The service command is used to turn it on or off from command line.

The chkconfig command is used to set up the runlevels where it is turned on automatically.

Sorry about that...if you are going to put it in the rpm you definitely want to have the right command!