Configure virtual server (nginx) for Ajenti using Ajenti

Masin Al-Dujaili 8 years ago 0

I'm new to Ajenti and to Nginx. I tried following the KB article "Ajenti behind Nginx" by pasting the configuration there into userdefind configuration on the Advanced tab, but Ajenti always fills in more fields than they are in the example given. Of course, I tried setting up the config file manually, but the sites-available and sites-enabled in /etc/nginx disappeared after installing Ajenti (and conf.d appeared). Furthermore, if I create and edit a file in conf.d, Ajenti deletes it.

My Ajenti installation works on [IP]:8000, just as intended. I'd like to make it available to me and my co-admins as ajenti.domain.tld

What's the proper way to do this?