Allow the user to disable the SSL alert

Andrew Madigan 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

I want to use Ajenti to administer my home NAS. I don't see why I should buy a certificate for this device, and using a self-signed certificate would lead to annoying warnings from the browser. I tried disabling SSL, but now there's a persistent nag at the top of the page telling me to turn it on. It seems there's no option to just let me use the software without being nagged about the security of my connection, even over my own LAN.

I see from ajenti.coffee that the ssl alert is hardcoded to appear, there's no configuration setting to disable it. There really should be. Not all uses require SSL, and if the user knows what they're doing they shouldn't get nagged.

Allright, I guess this isn't something that will ever get fixed/changed. I would point out that the Ajenti home page says "Ajenti won't damage your existing configuration or tell you how to do your job." - well you're telling the user how to do their job with this nag.