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Taking over 20sec to show me just the login page. Why?

Nick Portokallidis 10 років тому оновлено Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 10 років тому 4
I serve over ssl as usual, my server is definately not overloaded , i have a local vm. so i can't figure out why?


It seems we get the same problem, login page and dashboard takes a long time to load, but when login in, all the page load normally.
same here for me too.... developers must correct this bug, it is consuming more data ~10 MB for limited data/bandwidth user like me.
Searching answer
This is an HTTPS problem. A quick solution would be to turn off SSL temporarily. Please follow up the investigation at https://github.com/Eugeny/ajenti/issues/254 and report the requested software versions.
Same problem with SSL.

Did pip freeze: