Ajenti V Mail IMAP giving authentification error

Aleš Nezbeda 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 5
When I try to login by SMTP and IMAP thunderbird and other clients give me error "Settings could not be checked, is name and password ok?" and other like username and password is wrong.
I have some what the same issue i think it has to do with the mail configuration files I just can't remember witch ones to check.. below is a pic of the thunderbird error i get...

.... any help would be good...
I solved it by forcing clients to DONT use any SSL and security things. But this worked for few days then somehow mail server totaly crashed and couldnt work that is another issue and I am now trying iRedMail that i thing is better. Antispam antivirus, Control Panel and all the other stuff included in one installer.
And i thing you could fix your issue by forcing different password encrypting method.
not sure but i changed a few things in a configuration file but don't remember the file name or location.. i think it might have to do with the postmaster@domian.com in one of the files i changed to admin@jeremyahenry.com witch is the main email address used.... and the email server is for site use only can't be used with a user set up at least not yet.
I thing best option for this is reinstall server and install iRedMail or reinstall server and install and configure dovecot and postfix manually. Second is not easiest, but I thing it is best way to have best controll about your mail.