Write a WHMCS module

HugoFR 10 år siden opdateret af Noah Dolph 10 år siden 2
Hi !

Your panel look pretty good !
And next generation of customer like "web 2.0" style, like yours.

I think a WHMCS module should be a good investment for develop your activity !
Many hoster were so able to provide hosting plan with Ajenti panel !

Best regards,
What type of module were you thinking of?  I've developed numerous WHMCS addons and it would be easy for me to develop one, but all depends on what features you would want ...

Right now what we do is just deploy images with Ajenti already installed on them, and the user just selects the template when ordering.

Not really sure what benefit would be of having a WHMCS module, but let us know and if it's something that would be feasible i'll consider creating one.  Open source of course ...
It would be great to be able to deploy websites on Ajenti servers via the WHMCS. Maybe even execute a first time script to install Wordpress or something. We are looking at hosting blogs on it since its very light weight and using Ajenti to manage the server.

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