Not loading images and fonts

Karol Pierwszy 8 years ago updated by Alexey NoMatter 7 years ago 1

Hello, I install ajenti for testing on local latest version of Ubuntu, both ways (sh script and in terminal apt-get install) and I have problem with icons and pictures not loading properly. I try turn off SSL, clear cache and cookies on FireFox and Chromium. How I can repair this problem? Font files and pictures are in folders like:


If someone have any ideas how resolve this problem please let me know. Best regards.

Image 127


Met same problem today. Good support indeed - no answers in 6 months!

UPD: I just met the BUG and in 1 hour detected its source.

So this is REAL BUG, no icons and fonts if your server has "bad" LOCALE. I has ru_ru_UTF8 and has issue. Changed to en_us_UTF8 and - GOTCHA! - icons and fonts jumped out!

So I hope developers will fix this shamy bug ASAP.