Reverse proxy subdomain to subfolder

Álvaro S. 9 years ago 0

Hi I'm using Ajenti V and I want to use a proxy_pass to make my subdomains accesible via subfolder. Example: subdomain.example.com -> example.com/subdomain. I want this because of SSL. I don't own a wildcard certificate and with this method I can use SSL.

In the main domain I added a reverse proxy with the url pattern /subdomain (exact) and URL: http://subdomain.example.com. The first problem I had was that one header was too long, so I added large_client_header_buffers 4 64k; but after doing that I get an Internal Server Error and this error is in the log: 4096 worker_connections are not enough while connecting to upstream. Tried to edit worker_connections but I cant because it revert to 4096.

Any solutions?