openvpn module

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it would be great to support openvpn installation and configuration.

There is a plugin.

Install your distributions package `openvpn` on your machine and you should be all set.
I downloaded the plugin "openvpn" through "apt-get install openvpn" and when i configure openvpn using Ajenti, i was prompted for management address and password. 

What should i do after this?
I am experiencing the same issues with the openvpn plugin. I believe it is for OpenVPN Access Server but I am not too sure. A little guidance would be good. Were you able to resolve this issue?
same here, tried host:port and password for the user but not luck.
you have to edit openvpn.conf.

add something like that :
management portyouwant /path/to/filecontainingpassword
create the password file, write your password on the first line, fix acl with access only for openvpn usr
restart openvpn
go to openvpn plugin in ajenti, fill the form with adress:port and the password defined in the fill
restart ajenti
enjoy, you can see who is connected, and log, I don't know if it's possible to create or modify an openvpn profile.

this doesn't make any sense. if you have a GUI then things like setting up password as such should also be done in gui.you are not supposed to be dropping to CLI in order to install packages and then mess arround with config files and create files manually to make it all work.. 
I'm really interested in the plugin but ..

I do not understand, I added a line "management ip: port: path" I placed a file with a password. I get the error "connection refused" ... Is it not possible to remove this manipulation is useless:-)? thank you in advance
I've made a short write up, not much commenting as I don't have time for that.

It worked for me but I leave no warranty that it will work for you.

thank you for the write up. woudl really be nice to have some comments. and the next thing i wonder is does this porcess work for anyone and furthermore could it be automated (e.g. with a script). i mean i can not understand why OpenVPn can't have it doen via (at least) a script that would ask only relevant questions and then install the service with some sane default that would work for most users.