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External DNS server

Hristo Torbov 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 4
I’m thinking about using BoxBilling + Ajenti + Proxmox (billing system + web hosting + vps hosting) for my hosting company. Since my DNS ports are closed, is there any way, to make the BIND9 server on another computer and connect it with Ajenti (DNS clustering)?
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I understand it that you want to control a remote BIND server from Ajenti. It's not straightforward, but possible. You need to use NFS to mount the folder containing BIND configuration onto the Ajenti machine, and create a service initscript for BIND which would use SSH instead of starting BIND locally.
Thank you. As I see, if I want to provide web hosting services, I should get a licence, right? How much does it cost? I'm currently using cPanel, but it's too expensive for me, and that's why I'm searching for a good alternative.
No, Ajenti has become free for hosters a while ago (see: http://ajenti.org/licensing). If you have obtained the information about licensing on a third party website, please let me know and I'll ask them to update it.
Thank you for this wonderful software, I can't wait to install it tonight.