How I can get acsess to mail on ajenti?

kozma prytkov 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 9
I've deploed new server, and now try to install AjentiV instead of ISPConfig. I've installed AjentiV, and all is ok with sites on it, but I have some problems with mail.
I create few mailboxes, assign them password and put correct mx into dns... But I can't login via smtp to server, to get my mail out from it. It refuses pop3 connection!
How I can download mail from it?
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Ajenti V ships with IMAP by default. If you really need POP3 support, install relevant Courier package (courier-pop3, depends on OS). Also, use full email address as login for both SMTP and IMAP. Also, check if active SELinux might be interfering with auth daemon.
Yep, I really need pop3 support, to grub mails into gmail.
I use debian, for me relevant package is courier-pop. I've installed it.
I use catch all redirect to grab all mail into one mailbox. Here's my settings http://take.ms/lCjxu
Aftrer that I opened 110port in firewall, but still cant reach mailserver :(
LIt seems that I found problem - http://take.ms/u48LP
courier-pop openned 110 port, bot not for tcp
Did I need run dpkg-reconfigure exim-config to start using mail on Ajenti V?
It's TCP, TCPv6 to be precise. Try setting your public IP address in /etc/courier/pop3d (ADDRESS=...) and restarting courier-pop
Yep, it works now! Thanks a lot :)
It would be nice if we would have more examples of exim configuration. For examle - how can we use numeriuse ips for diferent mail domains?