update latest version, problem SSL

djiai il y a 10 ans mis à jour par anonymous il y a 6 ans 2
Hello, I have update with the latest version of ajenti, but I have an error: 
ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. in the web browser.

with this command ajenti-panel -v , only error: 

core.py:99 INFO Starting server on (u'', 8000)
core.py:121 ERROR Could not bind to (u'', 8000)

and with     netstat -tlnp | grep 8000

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 11151/python

thank you for your help!
As I see the bind address is set to, you can try cd /etc/ajenti/    nano config.json, change the bind address to your ip, worked for me but can't use ssl.