LDAP configuration

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I'm trying to set up an ldap user sync via the plugin available in the configure section.
I've set the following parameters:

Server URL: ldap://ldap.myserver.cloud
Admin DN: cn=admin,dc=myserver,dc=cloud
Auth DN suffix: (left blank)
Secret: (Admin password)

It seems to be authenticating correctly but I keep getting the error message "no such object" from the LDAP server.
Any info on how to configure this properly or how to see the commands that are being sent to the ldap server?

Can someone explain what the admin DN and Auth DN suffix are used for please?

Any help will be most appreciated.

Many thanks
I've managed to update my settings to work partially.
However, I've got the following config in my ldap server:

- dc=myserver,dc=cloud
 - cn=admin
 - ou=groups
   - cn=admin

I've added the user1 and user2 to the group developers by the use of the memberUid parameter.
How can I get ajenti to filter these records?

At the moment, if I use Auth DN suffix: OU=USERS,DC=myserver,DC=cloud
it retrieves no users at all..

If I leave it blank, it retrieves the admin user only.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
I had the same problem. Ajendi required or .
When i add objectClass simpleSecurityObject to my users. Sync now work Ok, but I cant login with ldap user.