It would be nice if there is a small description for each plugin

Rohith Meethal 10 år siden opdateret af Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 10 år siden 4
It would be really helpful for every body to understand what does a plugin do by adding a short description, like
apache2 -> A full featured web server
php5 -> Server side scripting language
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I'm seriously afraid that Ajenti won't be useful to people who don't know what Apache is but nevertheless try to configure it.
Hi Eugene, hanks for the reply, Apache was just a example, I mean I can understand people who setup ajenti already knows what is apache2,mysql nginx etc at the basic, but things like LM-Sensors,Netatalk,Resource Manager etc are foregin to me :), Any way it is always a google away, but still its kind give more UX i guess. I wish I could make the changes and send you PR unfortuantely am just PHP guy :(

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