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Ajenti not loading in Safari

Thibaut 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 4

I saw an  issue on Github about that but the thread is closed and doesn't seem to be monitored anymore. It has been marked as fixed on May 7th but the issue remains: the control panel doesn't load in Safari (I have Safari 7.0.5 on OS X Mavericks).

The inspector console returns this error:

Failed to load resource: The network connection was lost. https://<domain>:8000/ajenti:socket/1/jsonp-polling/123053442836?t=1406094146914&i=0
I don't have any Safari extension installed.
Under review
I'm aware of the issue, however I'm on vacation currently and have no access to my macbook. The actual issue is caused by Socket.IO library behavior in Safari.
Glad to know you still monitor this issue.
Enjoy your vacation. ;)
For the record, Ajenti also doesn't load in Safari on iPad.
Though it would be useful when on the road or on vacation.
How do we upgrade python-gevent-websocket like you suggest on Github?