multi user ftp folder acces

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Hello I want to make accessible via FTP a specific folder on one of my sites. How can I make this possible in ajenti?
I have tried since "user": http://prntscr.com/dtupe4
it does not work.
an idea ? thank you

You cannot do it from within Ajenti -v. You have to run commands in a terminal.

It is very difficult to do but can be done with ACL (Access Control Lists)

If you have many users it can be hard to keep track of the lists.

Example for user "antman" to exclude from ALL directories except his own (/srv/http/0016)

setfacl -m "u:antman:---" /srv/http/0001 /srv/http/0002 srv/http/0003 /srv/http/0004 /srv/http/0005 /srv/http/0006 /srv/http/0007 /srv/http/0008 /srv/http/0009 /srv/http/0010 /srv/http/0011 /srv/http/0012 /srv/http/0013 /srv/http/0014 /srv/http/0015 REMOVE THIS ONE /srv/http/0016 /srv/http/0017 /srv/http/0018 /srv/http/0019 /srv/http/0020 /srv/http/0021 /srv/http/0022 /srv/http/0023 /srv/http/0024

ref: https://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/handbook/fs-acl.html