Problem with NGINX install

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i've installed ajenti on rapsbian like indicated on : http://support.ajenti.org/topics/1119-installing-on-raspbian/

first problem (solved)

the first issue is i had to specifically install :

gevent 1.1.2

greenlet 0.4.10

for ajenti to work

Because "greenlet==dev" is not avalaible on the repository ( not sure ...) and without gevent 1.1.2, the post login page (Dashboard) is blank and there are some JS errors ...

second problem (not solved)

My main question is about NGINX : on you screenshots i can see it in the software section :

(once my install is complete and functionnal it is not present)

please note : I dont want Ajenti-V with the "Web Sites" features witch seems to be only for locally hosted sites ( please correct me if i'm wrong)

but i don't find any way to get it installed as a part of ajenti.

in fact, i want to use the reverse proxy function for LAN servers hosting websites (IIS, Apache ...) but nothing hosted on the raspberry PI

Could you please help me about how to install and integrate it to ajenti AND if my goal (reverse proxy capabilities in LAN) is suitable ?

Thank you very much